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Does YOUR Industry Need Humidification?

How can Gellert help you with Humidification?

Humidity, or lack of it, impacts industry in a number of ways. Our Humidification Solutions may include our own Gellert Humidification Products or Gellert can design a custom solution  for you For almost 60 years, Gellert has been creating Humidification Solutions for the Agriculture Industry.  Because our Climate Design WORKS, it becomes the perfect application for ALL of your environments.  

Our Products…


Gellert manufactures many different models and configurations.  They are completely self-contained, requiring only a water supply and electrical connection for operation.

Gellert Humidifiers can be created as ventilated or non-ventilated to suit your exact need.  Quality and durability are very important to us in your design.  We use stainless steel, copper, brass, and plastic materials, to ensure corrosion-resistance for a long-lasting investment.

We have three different configurations for your application:

PORTABLE (on wheels)  |  CEILING MOUNTABLE  |  FLOOR STAND (stationary)


Our ventilated style head helps you push the humidity further and keeps the mist suspended longer, creating greater humidity distribution.  Applications include areas with zero ventilation – or the need to cover larger areas.


The non-ventilated style is more popular for smaller areas or where there is existing air movement.



We give YOU control!   Our needle valve allows for precise control of the amount of water flowing to your humidifier.  Volume is easily controlled by opening and closing the valve to increase or decrease the humidifier’s output.


Our grid ring atomizes water into super fine water particles.  It does this better than any other humidifier on the market.  A good humidifier places the humidity in the air – not on the ground.

Gellert’s ClimaCell Wall

The Gellert ClimaCell Wall provides rapid and effective humidity into large areas and spaces. Built for those applications where large quantities of humidity are needed including Post Harvest Potato and Root Vegetable Storage, Horticulture, Greenhouse, Wineries and more.

The Gellert Climacell Wall includes:

  • Heavy Duty, Long-Lasting Holding Tank

  • Full Stainless Construction

  • ClimaCell Media Framework

  • Media in a variety of thicknesses

  • Water Distribution Line

  • Drain and overflow protection

  • Grid Filtration to the Pump

  • Long lasting centrifugal pump

Our applications are varied and include:

  • Human Comfort Needs
  • Animal Comfort
  • Post Harvest Storage