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Overwintering Your Colonies

Agri-Stor has the perfect solution using Gellert’s Climate System for Bees. Working with Commercial or Sideliner Beekeepers that want to decrease Bee Overwintering Mortality Rates, decrease feed times, and allow the Bees to be brought in earlier in the season.  With our solution, Bees can go into storage in October or earlier if needed. A storage approach also combats vandalism and gives more control to a Beekeeping Operation. The System for Bees is perfect for new buildings and we offer a retrofit option for  existing buildings.


Always Available

Agri-Stor Company is your service provider and can help you manage the system throughout its life.

We can also help provide best in class service providers that will take care of you as well.


The Best Quality

For almost 60 years, we have realized the importance of using quality equipment and design in all industries.


Successful Overwintering

Successful overwintering means Colonies return to pollination in better shape and with minimal feeding.


Giving YOU Control

You have 24/7 365 days a year access to your Colonies through the intuitive Agri-Star Control App. The wireless solution is redundant and offers easy-to-use control features that keep you in the know.

How Our Climate Solution Works

Our Climate Design System begins by filling your building with air using high velocity fans down a segmented plenum.  The air’s purpose is to create a climate, manage temperature and humidity, and extract CO2. Outside air is consistently evaluated for efficiency opportunities.  If the temperature is cold enough, Fresh Air Doors provide access to the outside air, if outside air temperatures are too high, The System takes control and engages Refrigeration equipment.


Bee Storage Equipment


High Performance fans carry the climate and wrap it around each. High heat is in Colonies are easily managed.    See more on our fans here.


Industrial refrigeration provides a redundant solution that doesn’t fail.

Fresh Air Doors

Fresh Air doors open and close taking advantage of available climate conditions. When money can be saved, the Fresh Air Doors make it happen.


24/7 – 365 Wireless Controls let you sleep at night. Visit our Controls Solutions page here.

24/7 = 365 ACCESS

Agri-Stor keeps you covered and realizes your investment is huge.

We help other industries manage millions of dollars in produce with the same control and will do the same for your business. With our simple app you will:

  • View and manage the system
  • Extend your visibility to exterior and interior zoned cameras
  • Experience complete redundancy of the system
  • Have a system that supports your overwintering efforts 24/7 – 365

Viewing and Managing the System is What We Do

With the App, you will take and continue to have 24/7 365 control and access to your Bees. This adds security, peace of mind and perfect control over your entire Beekeeping’s Storage operation.

Our panel and easy-to-use app controls:


But perhaps the MOST exciting element for your bee storage is that it constantly controls CO2 levels….allowing for our Climate System to engage, to manage CO2.


Have you considered the need for new or “boosted” Internet access for your storage?

With our GELLERT WIRELESS product, we can solve a surplus of technical issues and save you money too!

We have wireless solutions providing internet services with a standard or tailored solution to both small and large operations.

Some challenges you might face are:  poor signals, multiple internet lines fees, cable running through large areas, lag time at key panel communication points, bot attacks on web servers, and dropped firewalls.

GELLERT WIRELESS is the answer to all these issues and more!  See our Wireless Solutions page for the full detail on this product offering.