with our professional Crop Protection Solutions that keep your Storage, Packing, and Processing facility performing at high levels.  We understand your need to maintain the quality of product you’ve worked so hard for.  We have the solutions to bring you from the field – through storage – to the market.


Post-Harvest Produce

Our Native Industry.  We’ve been doing this Since 1960, and it just keeps getting better.

food safety

We have solutions for disinfecting and sanitizing your facilities, as well as for your produce itself.

grain storage

Clean and disinfect your grain storage to fight against bugs and bacteria that can hold over from year to year.

in field

Protect your crop from powdery mildew and other disease while it’s still in the field.


Keep your nurseries and greenhouses thriving with healthy plants and produce.


There are multiple application methods used in crop protection.  Our strategies are used to respond to product quality needs.  They have been tested and proven through real-world testing, University-Based research, and corporate-driven scientific development.

Some of our techniques include:

  • Thermal Fogging
  • Cold Fogging
  • Misting
  • Mixing


The health of your new harvest can be affected by diseases and bacteria lingering inside your storage from prior seasons.  We have the expertise and products to disinfect and sanitize your storage BEFORE you bring in the new crop.  Get started right each year with a clean facility!


So, what happens “after” the custom application has been completed?  Agri-Stor Companies maintains the philosophy that your product is worth our time.  We will follow-up with a visit to your facility – ensuring the application we provided is doing what we expect it to do.  We’re in this for your success.  It’s who we are.

quality chemistries



We have a large selection of quality PAA products.  Different chemistries and mixtures to target your specific challenge.

Chlorine Dioxide is another great solution for various diseases such as: Ring Rot, Late Blight, and Silver Scurf.

We carry a line of disinfectants for your organic storage needs.  We understand and embrace storage challenges.



FruitGard is a great chlorine dioxide chemistry, as it can can be released at very low levels over a period of several months.


SmartBlock effectively achieves extended sprout control in stored potatoes.  It has been FDA-approved as a direct food additive and has no effect on finish, color, sugar levels, taste, texture, or cooking quality.  Its patented technology works effectively alone, or combined with other sprout inhibitors, to burn off peeping or fully sprouted tubers and restore dormancy.

Sprout Nip (also known as CIPC) is typically applied as an aerosol to your stored potatoes anytime after the curing period and before sprouting occurs.  Our trained applicators will apply within the product label specifications for optimum performance and efficacy.  Sprout Nip provides sprout control for a duration of time,  depending on storage environment and other factors. 

Amplify is a sprout inhibitor that works most effectively when applied in combination with Sprout Nip (CIPC). The combination gives you a synergistic effect on sprout control – you receive two modes of action working to keep your potatoes in prime condition.  Together, the two products give you better prevention from peeping, shrinkage, and pressure bruising than any chemical applied alone.

FreshPack is a unique organic clove oil product that utilizes advanced formulation technology to increase bud-burning power and sprout control efficacy while maximizing safety and ease of application. FreshPack can be used with Sprout Nip and/or Amplify as part of a complete season-long sprout control program or applied before packing stored potatoes to burn any buds or peepers.

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There are many subleties to a crop protection program.  We would love to visit with you about your storage challenges. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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