Disease and Sprouting

Why you should choose quality application services during crop protection season…

Storage Design

We are the experts in post-harvest ventilation systems and storage design…

Control Your World

Our intuitive App is connected to the most innovative panel in the storage industry…

Who is Your Service Tech?

You need someone knowledgable who cares about your storage environment…

GELLERT Equipment

Since 1964, Gellert has been providing innovative ventilation, humidification, and refrigeration equipment for the post-harvest storage industry.

Climate Control

Our intuitive App gives you remote access to control almost every aspect of your storage environment.  Peace of mind in your hands!

Crop Protection

Since 1960, Agri-Stor Company has been innovating quality solutions to storage challenges like sprouting. Learn more about our custom applications!

WHY our

Storage Design Works

Agri-Stor Company has OVER 60 YEARS of experience in post-harvest storage design.  Our goal through the years has not been to build the least expensive storage, but rather the most efficient and effective!  We use quality equipment and products to help ensure your harvest sees the end of storage season as good, or better than it started!  SEE MORE HERE.