AGRI-STOR COMPANY is North America’s largest Post-Harvest Storage Products and Services corporation.  Since 1960, we have been providing service and crop protection to potato and onion growers, and have grown into many other industries and markets.  Solutions are the core of our business.

Through our relationship with GELLERT, we provide all the equipment and controls for your storage environment. Nathan Gellert innovated Post-Harvest climate solutions for the Agricultural Industry in 1964.




Our Native Industry. Since 1960, we have been helping our customers with the most efficient and effective climate controls and equipment – to wrap their investment with the perfect environment.


There are many ways AGRI-STOR is a perfect fit for this Industry.  With the need to control humidity, temperature, air movement, and more – our equipment and designs will keep you healthy!

Grain Storage

We are your Ag Specialist and that means storage of all commodities.  We provide the most advanced storage systems on the market today.


Our customers’ success in overwintering bees is yet another reason to trust AGRI-STOR.  Our bee storage facilities will provide the proper climate along with pest control to ensure they stay healthy for their next destination!


We understand that maintaining cow comfort plays a key role in producing high-quality milk.  We have the airflow design and products necessary for your environment.


AGRI-STOR can help your winery, brewery, or bottling company tackle a number of issues related to humidity and temperature.