From Raw Product Receiving and Handling to Food Safety in packaging.

With our line of Gellert Equipment, we can tackle Humidity, Temperature, and Ventilation challenges.

Climate Solutions in Food Processing keep it fresh while extending hold times.

Research & Development

Whether you’re looking for segmented Climate spaces to improve, or developing new products, Agri-Stor can help you segment your R&D Process from the rest of your operation. Go to Gellert’s website and visit the¬†GellertSpaces page to see how it’s done.

Moisture Issues

Raw product  process challenges like moisture require an effective receiving to packaging strategy. Depending on your situation, we can help you increase or decrease humidity at the product, room or building.

Food Safety

Increased hold times for RTE and manufactured food require an excellent Food Safety solution. Refrigeration, control and design as well as the right equipment allow you to successfully implement that solution.

Raw Product

Agri-Stor can help you through the various stages of your Raw Product and beyond. We do it for large scale Fresh and Process Growers with extreme holding time demands and product care needs.

We can do it for you!

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Agri-Stor’s best in class Design approach offers a committed partner to work with you hand-in-hand on your projects.