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Since 1960, we have been providing Storage Solutions for the Agriculture Industry, using University-Based Research and years of applying that data.  Nathan Gellert’s Climate Design for quality control of precise air movement was the answer for product storage, and we’re still under that same design today – almost 60 years later…

POTATO AND Produce Storage

Our potato and produce storage designs are engineered using Gellert Certified Systems and University Based Research. Through years of applying that research, we’ve come up with solutions to maximize temperature control with proper air movement.

We use only Certified and Tested equipment for all of your Climate Solutions, focusing on equipment efficiency, durability, and performance.  Our technicians will ensure proper installation and placement of all the climate control equipment.  It is our goal to help you maintain a healthy product by wrapping it in the perfect Climate.

Agri-Stor has the most effective Climate Control equipment to make your storage suitable for your hard-earned investment.  Ventilation, Humidification, Refrigeration, and the Controls to manage all of it!   Our Agri-Star Control Panel can be adapted to any type of storage need such as potatoes, onions, sugar beets, carrots, and organic varieties.

We have the ability to design any style of building you require. From brand new buildings – to remodels or upgrades, we are the Climate Control Experts. CONTACT AGRI-STOR  for a *Free Consulation* about your storage facility.


Entrusting your Grain Storage to someone who understands Climate Control shows great concern for your product!  Through our relationship with CHIEF Agri, we are able to offer the highest quality storage facilities for grain and other commodities.

Product offerings include:

Farm Bins  |  Commercial Bins  |   Temporary Grain Storage  |  Hopper Tanks.

We also take care of Grain Handling with:

Conveyors  |  Elevators  |  Catwalks and Towers  |  Truck Probes.

Our innovative designs make installation easier and promote safety.  Using heavy-duty materials for years of reliable service, all of our products are engineered to exacting standards.

In addition to Storage and Handling, we also offer Conditioning Systems and Dryers.

Click here for more information on Grain Storage options.


Our Storage Design has been earning noted interest for Bee Storage – essentially the “over-wintering” of honey bees.   Storing bees in a protected, climate-controlled environment helps Beekeepers decrease the feed times, lower mortality rates, and make it possible for an earlier transition to the storage season.  Bees can enter storage as early as October.

Because “over-wintering” of bees can be a challenge when relying on Mother Nature to take care of the colony – Agri-Stor researched the possibility of using Gellert Climate Control equipment to provide a safe and healthy environment for the bees.

With the bee facilities we have designed and implemented, we have proven successful in Gellert’s Climate Design and quality equipment choices.  Check out Gellert’s Facebook page for more on bee storage:  Gellert Facebook

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